Ilene's DJ Schedule

Thurs. Jan 12 - LA NACIONAL, NYC


Thurs. Jan. 26 - LA NACIONAL, NYC



DJ La Rubia

Ilene DJ

DJ Ilene~ La Rubia Del Norte!

In addition to being the founder and director of Woodstock Tango, Ilene has established a reputation as a popular Tango DJ, who plays regularly at milongas & festivals in NYC and surrounding areas (i.e. La Nacional, All-Night Milonga, Esmeralda's, NYC Summer Tango Festival), with recent DJ jaunts to Boston, Chicago, Toronto, & Miami. She is one of the relatively few non-Argentines to DJ in Buenos Aires, including several full nights at Salon Canning, Porteño y Bailerin, and at the first Parque Patricios Festival. She is a "traditional" musicalizadora (tango DJ) using cortinas, tandas and the most beautiful classic tango ever recorded. She is also adept at offering some lovely danceable surprises from the modern nuevo and alternative tango worlds, and has a heck of a good time djing tango, salsa and swing events! She conducts MEET THE MUSIC sessions to better acquaint dancers with the key orquesta's of the Golden Age, and composes tango sampler cd's for educational purposes. She is available to DJ private tango parties and all kinds of events.

Contact Ilene if you are interested in Tango Sampler CD's or Meet the Music sessions.

From Ilene--

Hola Music Lovers...
Here are some dates I am playing through the end of the year... there will likely be more added so check back if you are interested in coming to dance!

In NYC I play mostly very traditional style with cortinas -- classic tangos that have heart and energy, are unequivically and beautifully danceable, and generally are the kind of tracks that you can't NOT dance to...! They are classics because they have it all. And this is where my heart is....

When I play a milonga, I am not there to impress other DJ's with my collection or prove my knowledge of esoteric B-side tracks (altho I love it all and have studied la musica de tango intensively in NY and Buenos Aires for five years, plus I've been a musician since I was seven and dj'd my first party at age 13!) .
I AM interested in providing my fellow dancers with exquisite music to dance....songs we love, songs that make our knees weak and make us ache to get on the floor, vals's that take flight, and milongas that illuminate the sublime essence of rhythm and connection.
I love this music and love to share and help shape a great night....because, it's more than just a dance.

So please come join us at any of these locations. They are all fabulous and you'll have a wonderful time...
Hoping to see you,